Between bouts of continuous rain, there will be showers by Celia Klassen Time for Tea

Last week this writer went camping at Palisades. I intended to write a glowing report of all the fun we had on the lake but alas it rained the whole time! It reminded me of a weather forecast my Grandpa once saw “between bouts of continuous rain, there will be showers”. That was the precise weather forecast for the one week we decide to go camping.
I’m never going to make fun of my husband for wanting a motorhome and not “making do” with the tent again.
Despite the rain, however, we made the most of it. While I wanted to try out my new kayak on the river or lake, we also took our side by side and took a long ride around the lake into Alpine for lunch. This is a route you don’t need a side by side for; plenty of pickups were also making the drive. It was gravel most of the way, although muddy in places.
Of course my husband and his buddy immensely enjoyed going through the muddiest parts at top speed. My friend optimistically said we were getting mud therapy and that we should be grateful that we were getting one for free! We followed our mud therapy that evening with steam therapy for a fire we attempted to keep going in the rain.
If you manage to stay at Palisades long enough to be bored of the beautiful view and stunning lake, a drive to Jackson Hole for the afternoon is perfectly doable. Swan Valley has some stores, places to stay and restaurants. A huge sign saying “ice cream” tempts you on every drive.
Although the water level had obviously dropped from where it once was, there appeared to be a lot of water remaining to feed our lake which is rapidly dropping. Palisades Dam was created to supplement the water for our reservoir. Constructed much later, and delayed by World War II, it was not completed until 1957.
The area was beautiful with tall tree-covered mountains and a deep valley with the river and we’ll definitely be going back, hopefully when the weather is better!

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