Gubernatorial hopeful also plans to be Prez

Idaho Republican candidate for governor Harley D. Brown will be the President of the United States. Just ask him – or read his campaign brochure which proudly proclaims him as “Future U.S. President”.

I don’t know about you, but I think there are already enough kooks in government without adding another one. Just look at the circus we call Congress. Members of that legislative branch can’t make a decision about anything. Just look at our budget and debt crisis.

And look at the executive branch, where our sitting President, a Nobel Peace prize recipient, was ready to blow the heck out of Syria only to be one-upped by the Russian war-mongering president who suggested peaceful diplomatic means to settle the problem of chemical weapons use.

And the President and Congress are apparently either unwilling, or unable, to reach some sort of compromise, again, on our national budget. They all appear willing to do nothing and watch the American economy tank again rather than come to some sort of agreement over how to keep the government running.

Republicans and Democrats alike have forgotten the world isn’t just black and white. Shades of gray are usually where compromises come from, but no such color exists in the corridors of Washington, D.C.

But back to Mr. Brown, or Governor Harley as it appears he would prefer to be called.

On his campaign brochure he states: “I request your permission to practice my governing skills in the little league of American politics.”

Not exactly a glowing description of Idaho politics.

And when he claims he will be President, he backs it up with a statement from the Right Reverend Bishop Thomas P. Ngira Abungu, who has lots more initials behind his name, from the Kenya City Mission Fellowship.

The Right Reverend wrote in a letter to Brown that he received word from the Holy Spirit that Brown would indeed serve as Commander in Chief within about a 20 year time frame, but first he must accomplish several other tasks, among which was becoming a state governor.

The letter also has a notary on the bottom, so it must be true.

Brown offers a list of accomplishments on his brochure including 1954 Irishman, professional engineer, trained paralegal, U.S. disabled veteran, Bible expert, demolition expert, former Commanding Officer U.S. Naval Construction Forces, The Seabees, charter president The Bombers Motorcycle Club, evangelist, and former long haul truck driver.

Listed among his beliefs: follow the U.S. Constitution, Mighty War Department, conquer selected enemies especially terrorists, drastically reduce size and scope of U.S. government, pro states rights, attack and annihilate wicked national debt at once, Social Security is Socialism – there’s a better way, full federal rights to all accused in state courts especially juveniles, abortion is muder (his spelling not mine), and combat is no place for women.

His business card adds more enjoyment, on which he pledges Freedom from Political Correctness.

And in conclusion his card states:

“Talk Like a Man

Tell the Truth

With the bark on

Attack our biggest threats first

Do it for our kids’ future

God Help Us!”

I agree. God help us indeed.



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