Good Guys Always Win

by Preston Crompton

Last week I went to the movies while staying in American Falls for a couple of days working at The Press. It was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Watching the movie I felt unsatisfied because everyone knows that the good guy always wins. There might be shocking twists in the middle of the movie, but when it all comes down to it, they always prevail. I started to think to myself, my dad is just like the good guy, or any super hero. In action movies or super hero movies, they all follow a fairly similar plot. They have a villain, there is a point where all the odds are against the main character, the main character makes it out alive, everyone rejoices, roll credits. Some movies have twists and I don’t want to give any spoilers so I will keep it pretty generic in my comparisons.

As many of you know, my dad, Brett Crompton, suffered an aneurysm a few weeks ago. Talking to the nurses and doctors they said it’s about a 50% chance of survival right at the very moment it bursts. The villain, aneurysm. The super hero, Brett. We thought he was going against one aneurysm but when they went in to take care of it, they found two of them. This made me realize his chances were slimmer than most and he made it out. All of these things were just piling on and I just sat there in astonishment. Half the time people don’t make it from one, and my dad decided to finish another hole of golf before he took himself to the hospital and he had two!

Now you can see why I’m comparing him with a super hero.

Not once did I ever have a doubt in my mind that he wouldn’t recover. Days would go by and he approached a different obstacle. He had a fever for the past couple weeks and it really effected his thought process and awareness. I would sit in the room with him, waiting for him to beat the fever, I just knew he would. A few days went by and it looked like he was getting over the fever, but something still wasn’t the same. They took him in to the operating room to do some cautionary tests to make sure the vessels in his head weren’t constricting. They came back and I could finally tell my dad was back. But just like in most movies, there was a twist.

Not 20 minutes later my dad had another aneurysm. Thinking back to what the nurses told us about the survival rate, I began to panic and started to break down inside. These are the insurmountable odds he has been facing, but just like I said, the good guy always wins. They took him in to the operating room once more to take care of the third aneurysm. The doctor came into the waiting room to tell us that everything went as good as it could have. It started his three week period over for precautionary tests and check-ups but that is something we have to do. After he said that, I had a slight grin and could tell my dad was not about to bow down to something like this. After all that has happened, I knew that what my family and I have experienced is nothing short of a miracle. No matter what the future holds for us, I know that he loves his friends and family and I know for a fact, the good guy already won.

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