Back by Popular Demand*

by Preston Crompton

*My Mom and Robert.

All joking aside, I really appreciate all the compliments I have received from friends and family on my columns. The reassurance is always welcomed. I also am going to take part of my column to thank friends and family that have helped me and my family through this time. To everyone that was involved with the fundraiser at the American Falls Golf Course, I can’t stress how much you guys mean to us and have made it easier for us. Thank you. It’s a rough patch but we will be out of this soon.

Brett, my father and owner of The Press, is doing better. We keep hitting speed bumps, but that’s all they are, is speed bumps. He is still progressing and showing improvement daily from his multiple aneurysms. A side note; every single one of the nurses loves him. He gives them the biggest smiles when they come in.

A few weeks back, my Aunt Liz and Uncle Eddie stopped by the hospital to see how everything was going. They eventually had to go back to their campsite, which was closer to downtown Salt Lake. We let them borrow my mom’s car, which is unreliable, and that’s being generous. We told them that there are some issues with the car. Even if it has a full tank, it likes to tell us that it’s empty. Sort of like our dog, Sox. They asked how do you know if it is really empty and we replied, “You don’t. You just assume it’s lying.”

Last Tuesday, after finishing up with The Press’ mail crew, my mom and I were heading back to Salt Lake City. I never thought I would get used to such drives. We stopped at a couple gas stations along the way to drop off the weekly edition. Before we left, my mom asked, “Do you think I should stop and get any gas?” While I told her it wouldn’t hurt to maybe put a gallon or two in, she trusted her car and said, “We can make it to Pocatello.” I wish she was right. Not one mile down the road the car gave its last breath before pulling over to the side of the road. As if my mom needed more things to worry about.

I called a couple of my great friends, who I owe big time, Marc and Miles. They came over as fast as possible to help us out. One more thing that makes me aware of how blessed I am. In a weird way, this situation made me lose a lot of faith in electronics these days. My phone for some reason likes to take its time when I have to make an important call or am waiting for an important text. The phone my mom uses likes to give directions and then change its mind mid-turn. One of the computers over at the Burley Reminder, where the paper is printed, had a hiccup (but eventually was back in mint form). Even some things in the hospital don’t work right. I walk into the bathroom and the paper towel dispenser makes a screaming noise as it automatically pushes paper out. It’s something that still makes me jump every time.

I start to think back when I was a kid and how Robert and I used to play video games. I didn’t handle losing well and would have MINOR temper tantrums. During those times, I didn’t treat the controllers or the games very well. So it all is starting to come back to me. Over time the electronics have talked and decided to have a major electronic revolt against me. I think it’s getting to the point where we are even, I hope. I am grateful for all the advancements in technology we have today but it has really worked my patience. I guess I can be thankful for that. Maybe technology isn’t so bad after all.

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