Q-pons and withdrawals

I hope everyone still has their resolutions going strong. One of mine is no soda for the year. My parents like to stock up on Diet Coke so every time I open their fridge I get withdrawals.

One thing I forgot to do last year was congratulate Nick Merrigan on winning our fantasy football league. Nick mentioned to me last week that he wanted to be in a column sometime so… here ya go Nick. He did a wonderful job of setting up an eight person league that I won the past few years. This year was more of a rebuilding year for my team. The commissioner, Nick Merrigan, found a trophy that we now let the champion keep for the year. It was an old bowling trophy so he replaced the bowling figures with footballs and football players. It also has a cord connected to it that works an actual clock. Well done, Nick. I’m looking forward to taking my trophy back next year.

Two weeks ago my family along with my girlfriend and I went to St. George, UT for a week to enjoy some warm weather. The week leading up to it was extremely cold here so I was getting excited about it. Little did I know the weather here in American Falls that week wasn’t half bad either. Not exactly golfing weather like we got in St. George but it was still bearable.

For those of you that know my mother, Debbie, you know that she loves to get good deals on anything she buys. She has a section of her purse specifically for coupons… or how she pronounces it, “Q-pons.” A store in St. George called Del Sol, which translates to Sun in English offers free beach bags with no purchase necessary. It is at a limit to one per customer so my mom tried coaxing my dad into going and getting another one since she already got one. He wouldn’t even consider it. I was the scapegoat for my dad. Walking into the store I felt like I was going to rob the joint. I walked up and got the bag with no scrapes or bruises. Debbie still had one more Q-pon left to use so we came back the next day so it wasn’t the same workers and she got the bag. Not before the worker tried to get her to buy something first. She always makes adventures out of nothing.

Speaking of adventures, Mr. Crompton, or Robert for those of you not following my columns consistently, experienced one two hours before the end of the year. I don’t want to give away too much of the details because he loves to tell the story and I wouldn’t do it justice in this column. Anyway, Mr. Crompton was driving to Pocatello from American Falls to hang out with friends for the new year. Around Rainbow Road he watched the car in front of him go head on with a bull moose. The moose didn’t make it but luckily the lady and her dog in the car did. He helped her into his car, which still has glass shards and moose hair in it, and once the ambulance came and drove the lady to the hospital, Mr. Crompton drove her dog and her purse safely home. If anyone is interested in the full story, they should ask him to tell it. It truly is a story he will tell his grandkids.

Lastly I apologize for a comic I put on the opinion page about a month ago. It wasn’t directed toward our police department or any of the police around this area. I know a few of the police officers here in Power County along with the Chief, Brandon, and the last thing I want to do is offend those people. They work hard in a job that not many of us would want to do. I appreciate all the work the American Falls Police Department does. I will learn from my mistakes and do my best to be as objective as possible in my work.

Thanks for reading!

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