Right things happen at the right time

Preston wrote in his column last week about the right things happening at the right time, something I’ve probably covered over the years in abundance.

There are certain moments in life that transcend the usual, everything from an engagement (like Preston and his future bride Adriana) to the bad side, like the time I spent miserably in a hospital bed last year in Salt Lake City.

After reading Preston’s about his engagement, I decided to relive some of those moments in my own past. Some recent, like his engagement, and others more historic in nature, like the death of my father. I am not about to rank them in importance, only to list them as game changers in my past.

First up is my birth on Aug. 21, 1954. While I remember nothing of it, just like the most of the recent hospital stay, my birth has to be included because without it, none of the other game changers would have ever happened. Without being born, I couldn’t have had a family, married my lovely wife, and felt the pleasure and seen the growth of my own two sons – let alone met all of the nice people I have been allowed to share my life with while living in American Falls.

And soon that circle of life will grow as Preston and Adriana begin another generation of Cromptons.

My own list of moments of change probably took its second turn with graduation from American Falls High School in 1972, then graduation from Idaho State University in 1977. Just before 1980, when my father died, I met my future bride, Debbie, although we dated four years before tying the knot. Then my father died and rocked my world, leaving me as the only family member working at our newspapers, except that mom worked some along the way.

The list of events goes on and is always being added to, but some obviously stand out. Top events include my engagement, and ultimately our wedding. Then, despite my concerns about being a poor father, the births of our two sons, both grown now, were milestone moments.

We will add to that on an ongoing basis, as our sons expand their own families and each of their special moments become special to us as well.

Thanks for reading!

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