Grab your floaties, we’re going swimming

If getting married is referred to as taking the plunge, right now I’m grabbing my sun screen and towel. Being pale complected is the first thing I go for is the sun screen. Adriana, on the other hand, would probably go for the life vest… she’s swimming challenged.

After proposing to Adriana, we’ve been on a mission to have the wedding before her last semester at Idaho State. A four month engagement that seems to be going by faster than I was expecting. We toured a venue a couple of weeks ago and found a place that was incredible in Twin Falls. We found a helpful checklist on the internet to help us figure out what needs to be done by each month all the way down to the final day we get married. I put it upon myself to delegate who does what on the list, like Adriana gets to pack for our honeymoon and I have to get a haircut, manicure and pedicure. I know, I do too much sometimes.

We also have been “house hunting” somewhat. We are in the beginning stages of a lot of this stuff so we’re still trying to figure out what to expect. One of my family friends, Jim Tiede, gave me some words of advice and told me to pick my battles. Don’t get hung up over who’s turn it is to do the dishes or complain about what side of the bed is mine. I’ve taken it to heart and I told Adriana that one thing that is not negotiable is how we hang our clothes in the closet. It should always be where you can pull it directly towards you with the shirts facing right. That’s just how I’ve been raised. All joking aside I’m not sure there’s much that bothers me besides not eating my candy. Luckily, she doesn’t binge eat candy like I do… although she is learning how to hang with me in that category. She tried to get me to eat baked kale… that’s something I don’t plan on getting hooked to any time soon.

I try to make my columns as personal and light-hearted as possible. Adriana is starting to get accustomed to me spilling the beans on everything. I’ve mentioned in previous articles that I send her an email before it gets published so she usually gets to have a say in it before it’s out for the public to see.

Planning for a wedding is stressful, but this is something I’ve wanted my whole life. Landing a stunning woman like Adriana makes it all worth it. Having my family and friends accept her and love her is huge. Being a part of her family and having them accept me makes me feel like I’m a part of her family as well. It’s off topic but her family makes some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever graced my taste buds with.

Thanks for all the support and kind words from friends and family that have congratulated me on this big milestone in my life. It means a lot and I try to keep track of it all.

I’m having a hard time figuring out a way to end this column so I will end it with a joke.

“Did you hear about the guy that got the whole left side of his body cut off?”

“He’s ‘all right’ now.”

Thanks for reading!

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