Mary Lynn Brown

Mary Lynn (Lynn) Brown, born Mary Lynn O’Brien, passed peacefully into her Father’s arms on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. Born Oct. 25, 1950 to the late Bill and Blanche O’Brien, she was the second of four children: Chic (Connie O’Brien), Marti (George Wagner), and Colleen (Eric Anthony).

She had bright blue eyes, round cheeks, a big smile that would make her eyes disappear, and a delightfully sassy view on life. She grew up in Tacoma, WA, traveling frequently to Idaho to visit extended family. During one of those trips, the future love of her life, David Brown, met her and was instantly smitten. She was 12, he was 15. Eight years later she became his wife. David loved his Lynn dearly for the next 47 years, for better or worse, for richer or poorer. Christ built a beautiful life for them, rooted in the truth of His faithfulness. David and Lynn had three daughters: Jennifer (John McDonald), Julia, and Jacquelyn (Sam Jarawan).

Mom lived her life with these priorities: love God, love family, love brokenhearted people, and enjoy simple pleasures. She spent hours reading her Bible and receiving God’s strength, especially after her leukemia diagnosis in 2015. She prayed fervently for others, especially for her family. She hosted her children and grandchildren each summer for at least a week, filling her pantry with every sugar cereal known to man, every bed prepared with a gift for each grandchild. She made herself available to the brokenhearted or disillusioned, sharing her hope when they didn’t have any. Many were blessed by her hospitality, her willingness to lay down herself to help those in need. She cooked for masses, hosting parties and get-togethers, happy to have her house full of people. She gave and shared what she had to make sure others were cared for. She used her skills and talents to make her home a haven: her beautiful flowers, her garden, her eye for décor and design. One could not walk into her home without feeling loved. Her sense of humor was one of her trademarks – she had a quick wit with a propensity for enjoying her own jokes. She also enjoyed traveling, working at Horizon Air part-time for 13 years so she and Dad could enjoy flying benefits, giving her daughters a free education in the process. She also worked at Christiansen Implement for 26 years alongside Dad, making lifelong friendships there. Whatever she chose to do, she did it well.

One of her greatest joys was her relationships with her grandchildren. Charity (David Shirey), Heather, Katelyn, Melody, Samuel, Anabelle, Sawyer, Wylder, Eden, Gideon, and Lucas all know they are special and loved by their Grandma, no matter what. Her brown boxes filled with goodies, her deep desire to buy them exactly what they wanted for their birthday, her delight in their very presence spoke love to them from a young age. She also grieved the loss of the three grandchildren she didn’t get to see grow up: Joshua, Maria, and Zeke. She held her girls tight as they grieved their own children. She was blessed to be able to meet her first three great-grandchildren: Johnny, Janie, and Titus Shirey.

The hole she leaves in our family is vast. We are broken-hearted but thankful she knew Jesus as her Lord and Savior and is now bathed in the joy of His presence. Leukemia has no more hold on her life, nor does sin or sorrow or sadness. She does not weep or long for her life here, for the life she now has is far better. God gave her the gift of eternal healing, which is much better than the earthly healing we had longed for. We weep for ourselves, because we all know we have lost a treasure. We see now that God was loving us all along through her sacrificial, unconditional, and always available-love. Though she has been called Home, God is still here and still holds us with that same love.

Her legacy urges us to see God’s hand and trust Him more fully each day, to love each other better, and to enjoy life all the way. She was truly a once-in-a-lifetime gem that will never be replaced. We are eternally grateful to have been part of her life.

The graveside service will be at 1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 22, at the Homestead Cemetery, in Aberdeen, ID. A celebration of life open house will follow the graveside at the Aberdeen school cafeteria. Condolences and memories may be shared at

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