A.F. Council stops short of creating Urban Renewal District

By Daniel Moore
Press Staff Writer
The American Falls City Council stopped short of approving an Urban Renewal District in American Falls in its meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Members of the council were concerned, that with several new members of the council coming on in January, they were shuffling the burden of the district on to new council without their approval.
Also voicing concerns were several of the heads of local taxing districts, including the highway district, the Power County Hospital, and the American Falls Library. They felt that the Urban Renewal District would limit their ability to gather future taxes.
Developer Mark Parrish, did not feel that would be the case. He told the council that if done correctly, an Urban Renewal District would be helpful to developers and encourage growth in American Falls. Parrish works for Crown Homes, which built several homes in American Falls recently, and would like to build more down the road with help from the Urban Renewal District.
Mayor Mark Beitia also voiced support, saying it would give the city another “card to play” in case …

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