One year and counting

People tend to put a lot of emphasis and celebration, or just the opposite of celebration, on certain occasions each year. There are those who celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and other special events, while they might try to ignore others, like divorce, birthdays and other much less special events.

Our family has been doing some of both recently, celebrating an anniversary for Debbie and I, birthday for Preston, Mother’s Day and birthday for Debbie, and unfortunately several deaths of great people and friends. More fun just down the road includes Robert’s birthday in July and mine a month later in August.

One event I’ve not paid much attention to, although the rest of my family has, is the one year anniversary since my brain and other body parts decided to act up, leaving me laid up in the hospital for months, and leaving me nicknamed the miracle man by several doctors and nurses who didn’t have expectations of seeing me alive for more than a few days.

Debbie and the boys got used to comments from doctors and nurses saying, well, he made it through today. We’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

And for just over a year now, those tomorrows brought me back, a little better and a little stronger each day. The aneurysms and collapsed lung and other issues are history, although I still haven’t figured out how to get my golf game back to normal (if there ever was such a thing as normal in my swing).

As we all age, though, we need to celebrate, or at least recognize, our changing times. Whether it is a family that loses a father and mother within two weeks, or word that a friend will soon need double bypass heart surgery, or on the brighter side that people can overcome and live long, healthy lives, we must acknowledge and move forward. It certainly beats any other options out there.

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