“I Get Carried Away”

I’ve come down with a serious case of writer’s block, a common phenomenon that nobody has found a cure for yet. Last week I was planning on writing a column and came across this devastating crutch. I’m not sure if I learned it somewhere or am trying to find a cure for it on my own, but I’m just going to try and write through it.

I always have a hard time detailing when I’m writing these stories. I usually do it about the middle of the week. So today is Friday, May 22. My favorite band, Passion Pit, is playing in Salt Lake City tonight and my fiance got tickets to it for my birthday. I was planning on attending one of their concerts a couple of years ago but they backed out. I was almost certain that I would never get to watch them in my lifetime. Luckily, they put out a new album and are going on tour. It is something I put on my mental bucket list a while ago so now I can cross it off.

This past Thursday, May 21, I had the opportunity of judging a senior project. Not sure what the rules are on confidentiality so I will keep it fairly tight-lipped. I’m impressed with what’s going on in American Falls regarding schooling. It seems like we have a lot of good ideas that are being put in place to help kids grow. I never had to go through a senior project and I wouldn’t say it was completely necessary on my part, but I think it would have helped me grow faster. I’ve seen some projects being put into action and it’s great for the community. The Lee Street basketball courts are going to be a long overdue addition to this town. I’ve never been able to dunk on a regulation rim so I will still probably stop by the middle school to play on the middle hoops. Don’t judge me.

I was recently involved in a road rage incident. It was far less severe than the one that took place in Idaho Falls. That’s devastating and my condolences go to the family and friends of the man that died in that incident. I don’t want to take any seriousness away from that event but my story was worth telling.

I was driving back to the house in Pocatello that is located right above campus. Mr. Crompton, my fiance and I came up to the three-way stop right in front of Reed Gym and going toward the quad was closed for road construction. The light was red but nobody would hit me if I turned left. So Adriana and Mr. Crompton began telling me to just go while the light was red. I proceeded to turn while shouting randomly to the car turning the other way next to us, “We’re doing something illegal!” I made eye contact with the driver and both of our windows were up so he had no idea what I said but only knew that I was yelling in his direction. The driver in the other car kept turning and turned onto the sidewalk in his big SUV. He started booking it towards one of the dormitories, then turned right onto another sidewalk and started booking it back toward us. Everyone in my car knew something was going down but we weren’t sure why. We turned… he turned. We turned again… he turned again. We pulled into the driveway at our house and he drove by slowly and shouted something I can’t put in the paper. It clicked afterwards that he probably thought I was yelling at him when in reality, I was just shouting something to whoever wanted to hear it. That man definitely didn’t want to hear it. Mr. Crompton said he had a pretty good idea of who it was and out of respect to that man and Mr. Crompton, I won’t say who it is. If he reads this, I apologize for the misunderstanding. I also want to say that you need some help if one person screaming at you makes you decide to drive recklessly onto a sideWALK… not a sideDRIVE. Then passive-aggressively drop the F-bomb at us and drive off.

Luckily, my incident didn’t come to the point of the fatal accident that happened in Idaho Falls, but people need to relax a little. Mr. Crompton always says I display moments of roadrage, but I never think about getting out of a car to confront someone about it. It’s usually when people don’t use their blinker. It’s a flick of the wrist!… Excuse me. My mission for now is to take a deep breath and understand that people might be having a bad day. My incident was basically unavoidable besides me not being an idiot… so it was basically unavoidable. Also, the title of this column is a song from Passion Pit and explains my behavior sometimes. With that I bid everyone adieu.

Thanks for reading!

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